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Professional from start to finish. The technicians were honest, fair and timely.  I highly recommend  Alamo Refrigeration HVAC.

Barbara Miller

Retired Teacher, San Antonio

Finally, a company that I can trust and count on.  I have used other companies and always walked away feeling like the service wasn’t up to par, or I paid too much for the results I got.  I have now used Alamo Refrigeration HVAC on several occasions and couldn’t be happier.  The people were very understanding, friendly and punctual when it came to what I needed repaired.  The technicians have been very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the problems and getting the job done.  Never have I walked away feeling like I didn’t get what I wanted.  I use Alamo Refrigeration every time, and refer all of my family and friends to them.

David Brim

San Antonio, TX

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