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When it’s time to replace your heater or furnace, our professionals certified technicians ensure the highest quality installation of any brand of gas or electric equipment. When choosing a heater or furnace, our technicians consider the entire house as well as the units’ usage, the insulation and duct system. So we will size the right system to your situation and save as much energy as possible thus saving you money on utilities.

                       GAS heat or Electric heat?

Gas will heat an area more quickly than electric because the temperatures in the combustion chamber are higher than those produced by the electrical resistance of a coil. Gas combustion heats furnace air to between 130°F and 140°F. Gas heat is also much more efficient than electric. More than 90 percent of the gas delivered to the furnace is used to produce heat while 70 percent of the energy of electricity is lost during production and transmission before it is distributed to the furnace.

Heat pumps are the most popular heating source in the Southwest. These operate electrically and draw heat from the outside air then reverse the process to provide cool air in the summer.

Trying to decide whether to install a gas or electric heating unit. The initial installation cost of an electric furnace is usually less than for gas. Electric furnaces can typically be installed within a day. These units operate by heating electrical coils inside of an air handler. A blower fan forces the heat out through the ductwork. Fewer moving parts means the electrical heating system is easier to maintain than gas which helps lower the cost.

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