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At Alamo Refrigeration HVAC, we only employ A/C Technicians who are certified and demonstrate the highest customer service skills possible to join our team. Each of our certified technicians have gone through technical training, both on the equipment and customer service training and has earned those certifications to assure the service you get is of the highest quality.

It gets hot here in San Antonio and Air Conditioning units break down at the worst of times. We’ve been serving the area for decades, offering emergency repair and service. We’re here, willing and always ready to help.

Alamo Refrigeration HVAC offers service and expertise at everyday affordable prices. We want to make the entire process as stress-free as possible which includes are various discounts and flexible hours. Our technicians guarantee you quality and professionalism as your AC unit is repaired and tested.

We Service San Antonio and the surrounding area with
professionalism and reasonable pricing!



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Dependable AC Repair for the San Antonio Area

You arrive home and you’re A/C unit isn’t working. This sometimes means trying to find an A/C company at the last minute. It’s been our experience that the problem was almost always preventable. Here at Alamo Refrigeration HVAC, we offer you the home owner, an affordable maintenance agreement which includes PRIOITY Service.

Summer without a working A/C unit is unbearable and can be dangerous to both your health and safety. Long exposures to high temperatures can cause heat stress and sometimes heat stroke. Alamo Refrigeration HVAC is here to repair your HVAC system with one of our skilled, certified technicians.

Buy a New Air Conditioning
Unit or Replace a Broken One
that’s the question?

Unfortunately air conditioning units sometimes break down, some are irreparable. In other situations the continued costs of service & maintenance are higher than buying a new, more energy efficient air conditioning system. Whatever your particular situation is, Alamo Refrigeration HVAC is here to help you make the best decision for your situation. Whether you want to replace an old ac unit that is draining your bank account from excessive electric bills. Or install a new energy star certified air conditioner. Alamo Refrigeration HVAC is here to answer any question you might have and bring up points of interest that other companies may not want you to ask.



New Home & Commercial AC Units Installations Include

If you’re looking for a basic model or want to invest in a top of the line unit with the highest energy efficient, highest SEER rating possible, we will help guide you to find the best solution for you.

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